Name one thing you cannot live without

Name one thing you cannot live without

Hmmm…. for me – I am ย not sure

The Internet !! Maybe :p

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  1. Doing some L.A. confidential right now. My outdoor is bomb like some people's indoor. Growing anything that bears fruit is a direct reflection of your efforts. Of your love and care of that plant. Harvesting is the shit! It's like a mini Christmas. Lol ๐Ÿ˜› yes she is. Her name is Stormy

  2. I know thats sick of me to think like that. But thats an honest truth from my side. I love reading or doing something. Currently rest activities dont much of have a possiblity with my lifestyle. So given the circumstances, this is what I need.
    If things had been different, yes I might nt evn hv been here or anywhere. Maybe :/

    1. No, i'm ñot a writer. I'm a college studeñt majoring in maths anฤ‘ pysics. I usualฤบy encounter lot of problems and coñcepts which are hard to grasp. When I try to figure out whats reàlly going oñ in a problem i feel comfoล•table when i'm carrying a pen. Even though i don't write anything with it.

  3. I think it's love. One can live without Internet. Air water are the basic entity to live. But what one needed rather than that is love. That makes the life beautiful. Internet ummm I don't think it's as important as love. Cuz after a specific tym one can be bored with that. But won't with love

  4. An actual requirements is nothing,but to stay alive and to walk with day to day life all small and minor things has own value it's difficult to name one but sometime something is always missing, human beings life keeps changing according to age situation and even in relation, as my opinion I would say daily good health,prayers and two times healthy food is sufficient but society requirements it's endless ,breathe deeply and enjoy life.

  5. Love. Cannot live without it. Go somewhere they don't have Internet, like small towns in Colorado. You will see it's not that important. I think of differently after doing that <3

  6. Love, love is all that we need. ..and there are other important things too. water, oxygen, food, as you mentioned Internet too for sure. .. and etc… ๐Ÿ™‚ (y) <3 (y)

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