7 Myths About Narcissistic Abuse That Need To Be Dismissed Now

Myths Narcissistic Abuse Need To Dismissed

6. It only happens to others. It can never happen to me.

One of the biggest myths about narcissistic abuse, or any kind of abuse for that matter is living under the delusion that it can never happen to you; it will always happen to someone else. Narcissists manipulate and brainwash their victims to the extent, that the victims start believing that nothing is actually wrong. Saying stuff like “other people have it worse, “it’s all in your mind”, “you’re crazy”, “you are making things up”, etc. will always lead victims to believe that nothing is wrong with the abuser.

Sometimes, refusing to accept your abuse, and the refusal to acknowledge your hurt and vulnerability is a natural response to trauma, especially when you were a child and did not have any control whatsoever on the situations. Getting out of that brainwashed zone is one of the keys to putting a stop to narcissistic abuse for good.

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7. It’s very easy to get out of a situation like this.

No, it is not easy to “just” get out of an abusive situation. Leaving a vindictive and dangerous abuser is sometimes easier said than done, as there are many factors at play. Keep in mind that in most cases, victims are made to isolate themselves from their family and friends, and forced to do the abuser’s bidding with threats of assault, homelessness, and loss of child custody. Abusers also tend to drain their victims of all their finances, so that they cannot leave. Ever.

So, contrary to what people might think and believe, it is not a cakewalk for the victims. They cannot just pack their bags and leave.

Beating narcissistic abuse is hard, but once these myths are completely done away with, the process becomes a tad bit easier. It might be a small step, but most definitely an important one, because every step matters in the long run.

If you want to know more about the myths about narcissistic abuse, then check this video out below:

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