A Mystical Perspective on the U.S. Elections – All the World is a Stage

Ahhh, such theater. Shakespeare himself could not have written a better story. In these days leading up to the election here in the United States, where it seems that sheer madness is unfolding, we are reminded of the words of the mystical bard himself, ‘That all the world is a stage, and we are merely players.’

Shakespeare was known to hide deep mystical truths in the words of his plays and buried in the intrigue, drama and often times utter debauchery of it all, were seeds of deep wisdom, revelation and spiritual light. To the common man of the day – these tales of power and wealth, betrayal and sex and good and evil, stood as sheer entertainment and distraction that provided a brief respite from the daily drudgery of life as it existed at the time. Not much appears to have changed.

However, to those with eyes to see and ears to hear, a more mystical and profound gnosis was begging to emerge through the lyrical prose. And while the production value of the current election seems to twist and turn and gyrate on itself like a python devouring a deer, something deeper is beginning to come forward as it relates to true and authentic power, and that is being missed by the populace and is not covered by the talking heads or paid pundits on the 24-hour news cycle.


As Evolutionaries, Modern Mystics and Spiritual Warriors who are acting as midwives/and mid-husbands for the emerging consciousness, we are well served through this apparent madness, to remember a couple of things:

#1. Life and the Consciousness that supports it is ALWAYS emerging, expanding and evolving into greater possibilities and potentials. Even and especially in situations that seem bizarrely distorted or deeply polarizing.

Just like a blade of grass will burst through a seemingly impenetrable concrete slab, so too is the expansive Life Force making its way through this election. If we understand this principle, we can support the expansion of this evolving consciousness in a powerful way. And instead of being swept away by the overwhelming appearance of insanity and going deep into good vs. evil polarity or conversely, burying our heads in the sands of Spiritual bypass, we can stand as clear and potent channels through which the emerging wisdom is being born.

#2. We are well served as Conscious Evolutionaries, NOT to look at the external personality of the characters playing their roles here, but rather like Shakespeare himself, to become deeply observant and aware of the underlying archetypes that are being revealed. By looking beneath the external appearances and deep into the energies held at the core of each of the players, we are more able to see, sense, understand and then support the higher vision of consciousness that is making its way to the surface through each of them.

So from a Mystical perspective, let’s take a moment to look at a few of the key players in this theatrical bonanza and see how each and every one of them is playing a pivotal role in the evolution of consciousness.

I remind you that I am not judging personality here, nor am a looking to demonize or rationalize any particular political party, stance or view point, but I am strictly looking at the underlying energies that each person/character REPRESENTS. And while some of my descriptions may sound harsh – I am simply noticing what is being depicted energetically and how they are manifested through each personality. I have no opinion one way or the other, politically or personally, nor do I seek to diminish, or disparage any of the actors. I simply present an energetic observation and invite you to do the same and come to your own conclusions.



Donald Trump – The Old King of the Dying Realm

Energetically speaking the character of Trump represents the distorted, bloated and imbalanced shadow of a quickly eroding Patriarchal political and economic system. He reveals a deeply wounded aspect of our own inner psyche that has gained great external wealth, though has functioned until now through a vast spiritual bankruptcy. His vivid persona and apparent mastery of money and success made him a celebrity king and while perhaps he did not have true respect from the people, he did and does have their distorted admiration.

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