My Wonderful Daddy

wonderful daddy

You never left me alone

When hard times knocked me down

You shone upon me like a guiding ray

When life tossed me in the meandering roadway

Your  infinite hope towards life encourage me all along

Like a wavering-light battling through the darkness so long

“Never compromise on hard work and ever be humble “

Your  life-rich tenets lift me up when ever I stumble

You never ask anything from me all through your life, I knew!

But you fill in this life’s rich tapestry with beautiful memories  anew

Grows monumentally high my strength on your shoulders

When ever I am with you the world seems conquerable

With infrangible confidence never received from others

Never can I ask God for anything more

But having a person in my life so close

We fight and argue like pals but I love you above all

You are my wonderful daddy after all.

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