Here we are. Another year closing down, a new one just around the corner. Full of promise, hope, and the start of something new. This time of year, between Christmas and New Year’s Day, is always a special moment in time. I like to call it the space between. It is the space between rushed holiday hustling backed by long hours of relaxation, peace, and gratitude. The space between failed expectations and new beginnings. The space between who we thought we could be and who we might become.

We have a chance to curl up with our thoughts and focus on possibilities. We turn our attention to manifesting new ideas and release yesterday’s burdens.

Now is the time to focus fully on what you want with intention, clarity, and your heart.

The space between is one of the most valuable places to witness transformation.

I am not just talking about the time period of the week between Christmas and New Year’s, I am talking about the space between everything in your life. The space between your past perceived mistakes and your future more together, more with it, focused, happy self. The space between the insecure, sad self and the confident, powerful version of you. The space between your broken, tender heart and the healed, vibrant version of your being. The space between fear and love—this space is a valuable place to allow yourself to be. The space between is the catalyst for true transformation.

Who you are right now in this moment is more important than the goals reached in the new year. The self-awareness, compassion, and intention you bring forth is the art of becoming. The art of becoming is more important that the dreams manifested. Don’t skip over this time of your life. The moments of feeling unbalanced are opportunities to realign yourself, the moments of weakness are designed to show you how strong you really are, the moments of frustration and fear are invitations for love. Nothing you experience is ever out of order; it all has a purpose and a reason. You may not know that reason yet, but your future self is guiding you.

Take this time to go inward and declare what you really want for yourself and your life. Where are you settling? And what are you willing to release? The new year promises hope and a strong-willed focus forward. I hope you embrace this space in between and allow yourself to dream bigger and trust yourself more. As we close down yet another year, I’d like to offer some guidance to make your new year the best one yet.

Here is my with for you for the new year:

1. That you can let go with grace and ease

Look at areas of your life that feel toxic or negative. Instead of asking “Why can’t I break free?”, ask yourself “What can I do to cultivate more self-love in this situation?” The more you focus on you with love, the easier it will be to remove what no longer works.

2. That you trust yourself and practice self-love

To cultivate true self-love, we have to learn how to be in the space between what was and what has yet to come. Just sitting with whatever comes up and allowing yourself to be present will help pull you through.

3. That you can gracefully be comfortable in the unknown

Most of us don’t like the uncomfortable space between, but this is where the true transformation will take place.

4. That you prioritize self-care

The more we take care of ourselves, the easier and quieter our fear-based mind will be in the between times.

“The more you take care of yourself,
the easier it is to remove what no longer serves you.”

 5. That you see how beautiful you really are

You have a light inside of you so bright and so luminous that your love can heal the world. Allow yourself to be more of you and trust the rhymes of your own soul. You are beautiful just as you are. You don’t have to change to be accepted; you just have to change your perceptions so you can accept yourself.

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