My Way: How Failures Discovered The Passion

I am an opened person and having the chance to share my feelings with others matters to me. Do I want to become a writer? Sure, I do! But I have already experienced that even the fact of having the best ideas in the world do not guarantee you can become a writer without learning.Having an extraordinary storytelling talent in a company of your friends is a great skill to start with but to write a story or a book, which will be readable for people you even do not know, is another.  “the passion can be achieved only in an action; that is hardly possible be guessed without any trying.”Passion emerges as a kind of inner energy that naturally arises with no efforts. That is because of loving what I do and feeling happy because of that.Sounds crazy, but I had the answer inside me from the very beginning but was not prepared to recognize and accept that. I was too much concentrated on googling for the motivation and lacked the wisdom of how to see that.  That is very true that everything grows from the inside out and on that’s own timing.“when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”/Buddha/I have achieved my passion that has become the motivator to continue the journey of self-exploring and self-development. The most surprising is to realize that the motivator is not a person but some substance inside me, my inner I.

Even making mistakes have a different meaning, now. Identifying them and finding solutions and achieving the result afterward, brings more excitement and satisfaction. When the rating of my writings increase I am feeling happy because that certifies the next small victory. According to the results of happiness studies, the level of personal happiness depends on the frequency more than the intensity.

This is my story of creating and collecting my moments, how I rise my competence in order to become more experienced in life. My way of finding the motivator which does not hurt but is beneficial and drives me to grow.

Join my journey if you wish, or create your own.


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