My Soul Is Worn

My Soul Is Worn

Sometimes my soul is worn, And I find the relief nowhere. Regrets are standing like a thorn, And I can’t find the strength to bear. Sometimes the sky of my soul is crying, I’m alone in this sea of isolation. But on hope’s anchor, I’m relying, From the sailboat, I can see the persistence constellation. I may be a rose with thorns, Hurt by anyone who dares. But, I’m also made of love, Sculptured but someone who cares. I’m wearing the smiles given by strangers, And the wounds of my loved ones’ words. But love and empathy are my erasers, And I’ll wipe everything that hurt me up. I’m strong in my weaknesses, about which no one knows, I’m strong when giving, even though I need it the most. When choosing forgiveness, I’m being strong, When I’m apologizing, but I’m not wrong. I want to heal, but the wound wasn’t my fault, I just wanna step over, and to overcome my vault.

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