My Sailor, My Sailor, Good Night…

My Sailor

Night has come to remind me of yet another long day ahead of me. Day after day, I carry my thoughts swimming across the ocean and over the tides. Was I made to be a strong Titanic or was I made to be a sinking Titanic? My ship was safely harbored until it came into the hands of a sailor who promised never to sink it. We covered miles in beautiful weather and under the blue skies.


My life (Titanic) enjoyed the supreme touch of the most experienced hands. I would close my eyes to surrender to him and the sailor would make me dream of the next day’s journey. Being called a Titanic, I must have the best sailor because my dreams would always come true. My imagination would come real. I would reach every day to new heaven…


Finally came a day when my life got surrounded by storms. It has been days of turbulence. My navigator, my sailor has been repairing me (my life and thoughts) every day to make me ready to face the storm. He has strong willpower to navigate me through the storms. He is made of iron and his heart is as soft as feather. In every storm, he has been showing me the lighthouse. Now, forever he is my savior. He knows the places where he has repaired and will not expose me further to storms.


Though I feel like sinking but for sure will never be another Titanic. I have my sailor for life who will make me happy and dance to the best weather under blue skies and sunshine. As I get repaired for tomorrow, little that he knows I look at his confident eyes and strong hands, that are ready to give me full strength. He too is tired and feels sleepy. I pray to God give me one day of life, that I can make him rest and give him back all that he has done.


My Sailor My Sailor Good Night…

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