My Personal Story – My name is Domantas Juodenis

After my mother left, I meet a girl who changed my life. They say not to believe in angels but she was an angel. The whole month we spent together was like a dream for me. She made me feel good by being there for me in difficult moments, by loving me and always staying close to me in every breathe, in every minute. She always told me that real heroes fall again and again but get back up with a mission in life. I proposed to her to live with me but she refused because she said she had something to do and never told me where she came from. Whenever we spoke about it, she always changed the subject. She left and I could never contact her because there was not chance to call her. But today I remember her after 5 years as if like it was just yesterday. Sometimes she writes to me and I reply to her but immediately the conversation ends. Till today, I know nothing about her, except the fact that she gave me a taste of true love even if for a month. In 2014 I arrived in Scotland.  I have directly started to look for work without the language issues. I have helped my friends to find the job and even open a bank account. All worked out well but mistakes of the past have always been with me. After a month I started to change. I became a stoic person without emotions.  I began to read a lot; starting from topics on psychology, astronomy, biology and spiritualism. The more difficult my life seemed to me, the easier I started to understand things that nobody understood. In the end I found myself amidst all these chaos.  I came back to how I was before and I learned from my mistakes and today I am a completely changed man. I learned what I did not know before.  Now I speak 5 languages perfectly; my mother tongue, Russian Italian, Spanish and English.

The torment of the past will always be here with me but it is only negative energy that can be transformed into positive. Life is not easy to manage. Only one must believe in oneself and let go of one’s fears and pain. Without bad luck, comes no good luck and hence one must never give up to bad luck. Now I am in complete control of my emotions and pride. I can already say I am on the shore of the mountain but I have to choose what is best for me to live the rest of my life in happiness, freedom and especially LOVE. This is my story for now.

No one will ever know about the adventures to come. We all have a tomorrow and everything depends on yourself; you must create your own story and your destiny. What life has planned for us is not in our control. You only have to know that the evil and the good in your life always flows in the same river.

Thank you for reading.

Domantas Juodenis



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