My Personal Story – My name is Domantas Juodenis

 March 13, 2019

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How do you think I survived? I found that I can take a loan to survive and so I did. After a lent and more, I was able to spend the winter. After my mother’s return he met a man in Lithuania but he was completely without anything; just stood by her because he said he loved her. He was a hard worker and good man to the point that my mother decided to make him a part of our family. Problems started when we only had the benefit of the job centre. He was fine with my mother but didn’t want me next door. For me it was very difficult to accept him as a member of our family but I was happy for my mother. One day I decided to leave them discreetly because I could no longer bear to see my mother suffering for me. I changed the village for a small town called Veisiejai, with little money I had. I took rent from a lady for sleeping in. I lived until I found the job that was comfortable for me and I met a couple of friends to help me establish myself. After a month I bought the flat for rent, and slowly my life got better. I was happy with what I created and made peace with my mother and her friends.

After some time, I met a girl from the city called Alytus. We were friends; we were talking over the phone all day. One day I decided to go and visit her and we made love to each other. But we were working in different cities and I could not be with her. One day she called me to speak about how difficult and lonely it was for her to stay by herself with a baby, a girl of 7 years and a 12-13 years old teenager. These made me feel so bad that I left my job and I started living with her. But it lasted for three weeks only. When I was with her, I was working in construction. It was already almost autumn season. We quarrelled every day and from my experience, I tried to ignore the quarrels and live peacefully with her. All our quarrels cantered around monetary issues. She thought I was rich and I could not handle all these anymore and I left one morning. I found a house for myself. I lived in this house for two months because the cold winter arrived and could not work anymore as the constructions ended. I ran out of my money. I was left with 10 euros. I was lost, depressed and confused. I did not know what to do so I went to try in the Casino where I put the money and I won two jackpots later. So I take a hotel with the money to survive and sleep warmly. I often went to nightclubs to forget about my ex-girlfriend. After two weeks, I was left with nothing but a warm place in the basement.  Luckily, a week afterwards, a good man took me to the house for vagrants; I was there for two weeks without informing anything to my mother and I did not want to go back to her because I was ashamed of myself.