My Personal Story – My name is Domantas Juodenis

My name is Domantas Juodenis. I am currently 30 years old. I was born in 1988-30-12 in Lithuania in the capital Vilnius. I lived with both my parents only for 4 years. After those 4 years, my parents separated for my lying and horrible father who used to physically hurt my mother. After 4 days of their separation, my father isolated me from my mother and I had to live with him for 2 months. During my stay with him, he tried to brainwash me against my mother which scared me a lot. He was trying to propagandize me. After this ugly and frightening span of time, my mother managed to take me away and I spent the rest of my life with her. I am grateful to her for what I am today – a man of values.

Returning to the speech on my life, I studied in grade one when I was 7 years old and I lived with my mother’s father for a while. After my first standard, my mother took me to her sister in town because my mother’s father lived in a small village called Kapciamiestis in Lithuania, and she wanted me to achieve further in life.

So I finished my elementary school in the city called Jonava. After my first elementary school, my mother decided to go to Italy with me, to live with her parents because her sister’s husband said that her husband didn’t want me to stay with their family. As my maternal aunt became ill with lung cancer and the financial crisis in the family came up; being an only child I had to stay with my grandparents, away from my mother, for a while and I waited for my mother to come back from Italy. It was like a miracle to me when I first saw my mother after a long time. I was 12 years then. When I was 13, on a holiday, she took me with her in Italy in Rome. And I started studying in Italy until finishing middle school. The first year I did not know how to write, I did not know how to read; I could not make friends because I could not speak the language they spoke. All of them would look at me as if I were an alien. It was very difficult to be in the middle of all the Italian people and not know how to say ‘hello’ or ‘good evening’. Finally, during the second year, I started to understand and speak the native language. Thanks to the Italian television and my mother’s friends. I made friends and my studies did not interest me anymore so I decided not to go to school to be with friends, who talked behind my back about how fat and ugly I was. When I learned the truth about them and what they didn’t like about me and I know that I could fight.  With the help of my mother’s friend, I had enrolled in karate school since I was 7 years old. My so-called friends took me to the bathroom in the school with them to fight the new guys in our class and laugh at it (it was terrible) and for their fault my mother had to change the city and my school. When we changed the school all was fine. I began to study to the point that I fell in love with a girl; at the first sight. I could not say it because I was shy and ashamed. I told this to some of my friends made at school but they lied to me. They told me that this girl said that she does not like him, because he is fat. I asked what I can do to lose weight to catch her attention. My friends suggested me to start smoking to lose weight. Hence I started smoking. I lost a lot of weight but by the time I decided to talk to her about my feelings, it was too late. When I finally arrived at 15, my mother met an Italian man and left the previous one because they did not love each other, it was just for me that they were together because I called him my father.

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