My Lover’s Name

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My Lover’s Name

Violent words scratch at the back of my eyes.

Letters spat across a blinding screen

because conversations are not allowed.

Technology, my lover’s name.

Love lost to the flighty generation.

Lies blamed and told by a liar.

Destruction of another selfless soul.

Abandoned – triggered.

The trigger replies violently.

Wanting to throw punches.

Feel the hurt you give.

Choke on the sting you spit.

Trigger will hunt revenge

until the Technology strikes

with its familiar vice.

Silence, blocked and ignored.

Trigger releases the hold of its breath.

Triumphant, it restores introversion.

A price to pay for ignoring it.

It told her, showed her.

Technology is soulless.

It doesn’t feel or care or love.

Those things aren’t coded at birth.

It can’t comprehend –

it hides within its self.

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