My lost star

My lost star

Staring at the horizon,
and an unknown constellation.
The doubt still not gone,
Whether its dusk or dawn.
I am singing a sad song,
And wondering where did i go wrong.
Because i don’t really know,
How i fell this low.
No breeze blows here,
No bird can i hear.
I remember nothing of my past,
accept what’s hidden in my heart.
For your memories and me,
Are like marine and the sea .
I remember the time
When a star used to shine.
But my world got tainted,
When the light just fainted.
Leaving me alone in this gloom,
With deep incurable wounds.
Your silence is a silent killer.
Painful feelings it always triggers.
Still unclear….
If just a dream my past was,
Or a nightmare is this loss.
And so i sing a sad song,
Wondering where i went wrong…

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