My Favourite Stranger

I was walking alone

When I met a stranger

He passed, by my side

And looked back into my eyes


I don’t know

What made me to stop him?

I called, he stopped and smiled

And I felt a spark of light


Hi! I said and he replied

Oh! His voice so tender

So real and so kind

And I felt he is no stranger to me


We walked for a while

 Some more mile

And then he left at some point

Leaving a deep impact


Without coming near

Yet he kissed my soul

With his divine love

And then I was left in a deep thought

With a conversation with my other self


Oh! My dear

I met many strangers

Some very creepy crazy

Some very sensible smart

But He, he was different

There was something

That I stopped him


And I fallen in love

With that amazing stranger

And for once, I thought

I found my soul mate


And now he is gone

I am looking for the day

To meet him again

At that same point

Where we part our ways


He was a known stranger who crossed my path

On that dark night

And changed everything in a moment


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