My Dear 2018,

As the last days glide past swiftly within an wink of an eye, the memories, feelings and accumulated emotions fade in its natural rhythm. This year failed to fathom me in every means and disregarded the interpretations of my lost self. Yet, I am thankful to you for illuminating myself with the real aspects of life. I am thankful to you for the variety of lessons that was endowed on me by a handful of people. This gives a clear prediction that for a naive soul like me , I have a tendency to fall prey to situations and circumstances which I weave constantly in a Utopian context. With each lesson , I finally gained some sort of wisdom which would rather save me from future precarious aspects. However on a gleeful note, I might add that my eternal battle between the heart and the mind has ended. My heart has unlearned many emotions which  were earlier binding it and we’re hard to tackle. With a wide smile , I thank those people who had stood by me through thick and thin. Most importantly, I have won back my lost esteemed self amidst the fragments of certain delusional thoughts! 


A Lost Soul.

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