MY CLOSURE from a Narcissist

my closure from a narcissist

I know you are probably ripping your hair out now by some of the things that I have said, but I really don’t care. You said to me the night of my husband’s funeral, ‘I am not a bad man Anne.’

You know, I believed that for a very long time and felt sorry for you because you had never found happiness in your life. I don’t think you ever will. I know that I am not the sort of person who can be happy hating someone but I know that for a long period of time I was very close to that……

I don’t hate you now but I don’t know that I can ever forgive you. Maybe in time. I hope so. That would make me a better person if I can. The reason I have sent you this letter is for me. This is my closure.

This worked for me. I think we all need to do what is right for each of us as an individual. This chapter of my life is now over.

MY CLOSURE from a Narcissist
My Closure From A Narcissist
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1 thought on “MY CLOSURE from a Narcissist”

  1. Thank you Anne….I will be following you now. My story is a long one…43 yrs. married to Covert Malignant Narcissist….abandoned 10 months ago….no contact!!

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