Musings of a Poet

Musings of a Poet

In the luxury of reveries and a heart, melting like chalk dust, the day grinned to an unfaithful dusk. Obscurities fathomed the void in my soul, jilting and fumbling and faltering the breadth of my veins, like a dying storm, unchastised by a poet’s fantasies and a writer’s soliloquy. You know how the storm knocks at my door? You know that old swine, tired of the reiterations of her name in negative synonyms, embraces her own death, like the tumulus dust, pricking my eyes? There my obscurities coexist, each one defining a sand-dune borne out of an obscure reverie.

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Written by Aparajita Dutta

Aparajita Dutta is a writer, poet, social activist and a research scholar from Kolkata, India. She has completed her M.Phil in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University in 2015. She has been the contributing author of Tell Me a Story, published by Penguin India. Aparajita has written for other books, magazines, and websites as well. Her interests are football, gender rights, disability, and translation. Samples of her writing can be found on her blog:

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