Music It binds you and me

Rinku Shah

It binds you and me,
Together and yet free!

Sherry Greene

Be in tune with me,
my love.

Carlos Ocampo

Carlos Ocampo
Perfect Harmony

Karthik Parthasarathy

When we first met,
the music of love started to play,
something only our minds can get,
Our ears alone can get to hear.
Have been playing non-stop since then,
Every time our eyes meet,
Will never stop until our end.

Anindya J Ganguly

The Sing-song Sense
Of You & I
Strings & Syncs
Our Humming Minds.
But as time floods by
We fail to breathe
To float & fly
On our hanging tree.

Dale Gonzalez

The tune of my body
and of my soul
Will be yours while we grow old.
Until the day that my song
for you ends
We shall dance to this melody
As lovers and friends.

Sulekha Pande

Let’s make music together,
let’s rock the world,
love completes my life,
music, melody, and rhythm,
make it worth the while.

Jaimie Mazzone

You are the note
that speaks to my soul
and keeps me
from singing the blues.

Lahoo Bhalerao

The melody of our hearts
made a complete song of our soul.

Ramya Raghuraman

In love,
there is harmony.

Victoria Dawn LeDford

Hung up
on the harmony of the music
we make together

Mai Quesada

Music brought us together!
Will bind us forever!

Dilip Mehta

His music and Her melody
Shared in one Note

Charlotte Emily Furr

I think we’ve hit that same note

Evalagne Tayaotao

Music bridges people

Gurpreet Kaur

Music binds


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