Music Gives Color To An Otherwise Dull World

Music Gives Color To An Otherwise Dull World
Pam Clayton

Music gives color
to an otherwise
dull world


Karthik Parthasarathy

From start to end,
At every life’s bend,
The one constant presence,
Soothing even when extremely tense.
At the very essence of life,
Helps handle all possible strife,
If music is all that is left,
Just play on, The biggest gift.

Sulekha Pande

If there’s music in your heart,
the settings don’t matter,
if you’re on the beach,
in a slum or on a broken bench,
music lifts your mood,
music lifts your soul,
music makes
you dance on it’s beats,
you tend to forget your sorrows,
your worries and
dance away your blues.


Sulekha Pande

Old tunes,
take you back,
to the old allys,
where once you held hands,
where you kissed under the moon,
promises made but not kept,
old tunes have the power,
of transforming your now,
into your then


Hrisha Paul

There might be dirts,
There might be darkness.
But you hide a music in your heart.
Share your song,
connect with the world
laying behind the bars


Divya Tuli Garg

Music is divine way
to bring moonlight in gloomy nights
and delightful days.
putting life in lifeless stone
like people in many ways.
Breaking walls n boundaries
reaching every heart and soul
Soothing n letting you console.


Richa Kalra

Music seeks
no caste and creed;
It spreads it’s fragrance
across the boundaries;
Music has a unique parlance
Which stretches the chords
beyond distance.


Hina Jain

In the era of black and white
music on radio made life
so colorful.


Drishti Nagdeo

Music is an Art.
And Art remains
even after the apocalypse.


Bridget Huseman

No night is truly silent!


Aubrey Malamion

Hear me, heal me.


Sherry Greene

Music is light in the darkness.

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