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I cannot talk simple, typical or the way one wants to hear things.

I want to talk about the world why is it the way it is.

I want to talk about angels and demons, dreams and reality, trust and betrayal, desires and fantasies, past and future.

I want to talk about the things I am good at, the things I am bad in but willing to learn to be good at them, the feelings that made me jump out of happiness, that gave me heavenly pleasure, that made me cry hitting the floor, that made me stay up all night, that made me too numb to feel anything, that shattered my world, that broke my soul.

I want to talk about the people who are homeless, in pain, hungry, dirty, slum, jobless, poor, miserable, struggling with life and be able do things to better their situation.

I want to talk about the changes that changes one’s life, the things that pulls one down, the things that strengthens oneself, the passion that keeps one going, the happiness that fills heart with joy, the pain that makes someone turn into stone.

I want to talk till sunrise non-stop, deep, long because I suck at talking typical things.

Is it too much to ask?

Life: YES,too much.

By Kavita Chavda

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2 thoughts on ““Too much” – Mind Talk”

  1. Thank you! I am so glad that I am not the only one who is “Too Much”! I take life seriously because life is serious. It does not mean that I forsake the humour, the joy, the happiness. It means I embrace all of it and do not take it for granted.

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