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Moving on...

Always had a mask I wore,
To hide my inner self from those who explore,
The moment you entered my life,
It was liberation from all my strife.
Butterflies flew, Expression of complete joy,
A feeling no one will be able to destroy.

The blur of time sped on fast,
Was never sure how long it would last.
The present was truly a gift,
Even felt my spirits lift.
Always thought it would be for eternity,
Never worried about the nitty gritty.

We had fun , every single moment,
Never found any reason to lament,
Minutes, days and years passed in a hurry,
There was nothing to worry,
Life was good, every moment was a thrill
Until the day, the world around me stood still.

I broke down into million pieces,
Each of them frittering away one by one.
The love I had on you was such,
when you left, beautiful butterflies flew away from me.
Wanted to grab them, never could though,
Time to set them free, albeit a huge blow.

Time to move on, they say
Makes sense as you have passed away.
Only in the physical realm, though
In my mind’s eye, you will always grow.
“How do I move on? “, I ask myself.
“What to fill with?”, asks my life’s empty shelf.

Will find something, I usher the self,
Your memories might help narrow the gulf
A new tomorrow awaits, full of possibilities,
A life without my memory’s liabilities.
“I know you will get there”, a distant voice echoes
My guiding star amidst life’s chaos.