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Moving on…

Always had a mask I wore,
To hide my inner self from those who explore,
The moment you entered my life,
It was liberation from all my strife.
Butterflies flew, Expression of complete joy,
A feeling no one will be able to destroy.

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The blur of time sped on fast,
Was never sure how long it would last.
The present was truly a gift,
Even felt my spirits lift.
Always thought it would be for eternity,
Never worried about the nitty gritty.

We had fun , every single moment,
Never found any reason to lament,
Minutes, days and years passed in a hurry,
There was nothing to worry,
Life was good, every moment was a thrill
Until the day, the world around me stood still.

I broke down into million pieces,
Each of them frittering away one by one.
The love I had on you was such,
when you left, beautiful butterflies flew away from me.
Wanted to grab them, never could though,
Time to set them free, albeit a huge blow.

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Time to move on, they say
Makes sense as you have passed away.
Only in the physical realm, though
In my mind’s eye, you will always grow.
“How do I move on? “, I ask myself.
“What to fill with?”, asks my life’s empty shelf.

Will find something, I usher the self,
Your memories might help narrow the gulf
A new tomorrow awaits, full of possibilities,
A life without my memory’s liabilities.
“I know you will get there”, a distant voice echoes
My guiding star amidst life’s chaos.

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