Motherhood Is Complicated, Is It?

Motherhood Is Complicated Is It

Everywhere on the internet, on various social sites, I see a lot of memes, motherhood is complicated, it’s challenging, it is a roller coaster ride, sometimes I feel, yeah! motherhood is a tough phase which makes you rough, but, on the other side, I luckily have a glimpse of the beautiful pictures where a soon-to-be mom, flaunts her baby bump, “just  90% loaded“, “my baby, my life’s biggest treasure” and whatnot, the internet is drenched with all such memes.

But the question is: Is motherhood really complicated? Or we just tag it as complicated. Well, motherhood is an incredible journey for any woman; this is the biggest surprise which life unfolds for us and yes, we are the fortunate ones, who get bestowed with such a living miracle, whom we can touch, feel, kiss, hold, love.

There is no doubt that this is the hardest job, which renders you work for 24hrs without a break and you are not even paid in monetary terms, the only reward that you receive is infinite hugs, kisses and non-stop giggles. I guess this is a far more satisfying and heartwarming job you could ever get appointed to. Still, is it complicated? my mind wanders again.

Some feel motherhood is a battlefield, wherein day in and day out, we work for our lovely kids, feed them with their favorite delicacies, clean their mess, sometimes yell at their nonsensical acts, but, what? We still love them, more than anything else in the world, we pray hard for these little bundles of joys. And still, if we feel or say that motherhood is complicated, then why do we take so much effort in nurturing them, first, we take care of our ovulation cycles so that we can succeed in conceiving, then the white-knuckle ride of 9 months, where our hormones almost crash, we struggle with our big belly – can’t sit, stand and sleep properly, and if still, we think that motherhood is problematic, then why do we spend our whole savings and earnings on IVF or surrogacy options.

It was my first encounter with being a mother, excited, yet a nervous feeling engulfed me. Undoubtedly, holding a child in your womb then carrying the little living parcel in your arms, which God blessed us with, is the most fascinating thing, there are no words actually, but, then why we speak or perceive that motherhood is difficult. If yes! then why we deprive ourselves of sleep, why we sacrifice all our temptations – in food, in wearing, watching television too.

I remember, when my first child was born, during those 40 days of post-delivery, I quit all my cravings, just to feed my daughter so that her tiny digestive system should feel satiated. I even abstained from sleeping without light, the tiny 7-watt bulb with its light, yellow rays was always on duty to take care of my little princess. Watching on my best-loved television serials, gulping on my favorite paani puri, was completely a no-no; don’t we do all these things? Yes, just for our ankle-biters, isn’t it?

I gave up on my job to take care of my daughter; it’s not like I did not have any of the support systems, but being a mother, I felt no one can care or love the way I will do. I waved goodbye, to all that I desired, after my newborn. My passions did not cease, but this new phase gave me meaning to admire all that I have and smile invariably, even without a reason.

Motherhood can never be confounded, if yes, then why I let those stunning stretch marks engrave on my tummy. The excessive weight gain though etched in me, but it’s worth it, it’s worth seeing these little creatures growing up.

The lovey-dovey moments, which I used to spend with my husband, were now taken over by singing lullabies for the little one. Cradling her and making her feel comfortable in all situations and aspects, was now on my priority list. We all do this and we will continue to do this, even when the tiny little fingers, who held our hands once to walk, grow up to become firm hands, in gripping our wrinkly and crinkly hands, when we wither in life.

Becoming a mother, then growing, falling and finally rising in the phase of motherhood, is indisputable. You become crazy, sometimes you are depressed, sometimes you are so cheerful, these are parts and parcels of life, admiring them is what we all need to do.

Motherhood is an excursion, enjoy it, make it pleasurable, don’t complicate it by tangling yourself in the things, the mess, which will surely make you smile in the future. Cherish the never-ending journey with joy and laughter.

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