70+ Most Popular Unpopular Opinions That People Boldly Shared Online

Popular Unpopular Opinions Boldly Shared Online

– Frozen is a really bad Disney film.

Chinese food tastes just horrible.

– Beyonce is highly overrated.

– Arguing with someone is not the same as hating them.

– Only narcissistic men trying to intimidate women go to the gym.

– Strawberries are not a good flavor and should not be glamorized.

– Vegetables are a lot better than unhealthy desserts.

– The Beatles are overrated.

– Spending time with like-minded people cripples our mental and emotional growth.

– Nuts and chocolate don’t go together.

– It’s okay if you don’t like Nutella.

– Mushrooms are disgusting. They are just fungus that we eat.

– The songs which no one else knows about are the best ones.

– Most people tend to drink gin simply because it’s a trend.

– Jason Momoa is not really that attractive.

– Lord of the Rings is overrated.

– Mashed potato is a highly disgusting thing to eat.

– Game of Thrones is a boring show.

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Here are some more unpopular opinions from a poll conducted by Buzzfeed. Let’s take a quick look:

  • 51% of people agree that adding a period (.) at the end of a text makes it appear aggressive.
  • 37% of people agree that cold weather is better than warm weather.
  • 41% of people agree that orange juice tastes better with pulp.
  • 37% of people agree that the sitcom “Friends” is overrated.
  • 48% of people agree that Nickelback is an impressively good band.
  • 35%  of people agree that tomatoes ruin sandwiches
  • 48% of people agree making your own bed is useless and pointless.
  • 23% of people agree the letter “Q” should be removed from the alphabet as it’s not necessary.

There you have it. The craziest list of the most popular unpopular opinions you will find on the internet.

Do you agree with some of the unpopular opinions? Or do you think most of these are illogical and offensive? Which one is your most favorite unpopular opinion?

What’s your unpopular opinion? Let us know down in the comments and add to our list of unpopular opinions.

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