70+ Most Popular Unpopular Opinions That People Boldly Shared Online

Popular Unpopular Opinions Boldly Shared Online

We lack manly men. As traditional masculinity has been stigmatised as being sexist, most men are unconsciously becoming more feminine now. This makes them less attractive to women.

If someone accuses another of assault, then they shouldn’t be judged without proper evidence.

Single mothers can be rather toxic and unhealthy for the development of young children.

A successful career is not necessary. No one should be forced to follow a career. You can be professionally “unsuccessful” and yet be happy and satisfied.

The problem is not with our society. The problem is with poor individual choices that affect society.

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Unpopular opinions on relationships

Here are some popular unpopular opinions about relationships as curated by author Jude Paler of ideapod from Twitter.

Love shouldn’t be hard. You don’t need to kill yourself to prove how much you love somneone. There is someone out there who will love you for who you are and will not cheat on you.

Long distance relationships can be easy when you’re with the right person

You don’t need to hold on to a relationship when you have outgrown it. It’s okay to fall out of love with someone. Sometimes it’s alright to let things go when you know it’s over.

Instead of being desperate for love and finding a partner, you should be more focused on loving and healing yourself.

If you act like you don’t care about your relationship, then you shouldn’t be angry when your partner finds someone who does care. 

If you don’t argue with your partner, then it’s a good thing. It’s healthy for your relationship. Arguing and fighting with your partner is a sign of toxicity. Arguments in relationships should not be glorified.

You are allowed to fart in front of your partner when you are truly in love.

Most of the relationship advice you read online from so-called experts are useless. Each relationship is unique and you need to find your own way through your relationship problems.

Giving and taking space in a relationship is not just healthy, it’s mandatory.

The Honey-Moon phase is not real. When you love someone, you will always have that intense passion. If you’re not in love, then that passion will wane eventually.

You don’t have to say “I love you” to someone just because they said it to you. Love is not a compulsion.

Real relationships are not like Hollywood rom-coms or fairy tales.

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Unpopular opinions on religion

Here are some of the most unpopular opinions about religion from Reddit. Check it out.

  • Religion should not exist. 
  • Throughout history, religion has proved to be the main reason for the death of innumerable people and animals. 
  • All religions have the same God, the One Supreme Being. But we all have different ways to pronounce its name.
  • The church is the new IRS.
  • God could kill the Devil if he wanted and eradicated Hell to make life better for everyone.
  • If your life sucks, then you don’t have to accept it just because God is trying to help you see something or give his blessings on his time.
  • Why do demons have more “cool” powers than humans? God should have given humans power to fight demons and Satan.
  • Most of the Atheists were religious at some point of time
  • Atheism is likely a functionally impossible position for a human consciousness to hold.

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Feeling hungry for some more unpopular opinions? Here are some random, yet fascinating unpopular opinions that you need to know about.

– Newborn babies are mostly ugly. 

– Pancakes are overrated.

Batman is not an interesting character nor a great superhero.

– Grown adults should not be reading Harry Potter.

– Pineapple and pizza are a match made in heaven.

– Liver is the most underrated food of all time.

– It’s okay if you haven’t seen any Star Wars movie and that you don’t want to.

– Classical music is amazing.

– Milk chocolate digestives are worse than dark chocolate digestives.

– Avocados are utterly disgusting.

– Grown men look weird in skinny jeans that show off their ankles.

– Cake is overrated.

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