Most of our Mistakes

Most of our Mistakes

Most of our mistakes, the big ones at least, are the result of allowing emotion to overrule logic. We knew the right choice but didn’t obey.

The sad part being is that we knew it already !

33 thoughts on “Most of our Mistakes”

  1. Avatar of Chrissy Q. Gavina

    yes, well , as far as as mere human being like me or anyone had experienced, we are vulnerable and can be overcome by our emotions thus there will be times when we cannot control it however our common sense or higher sense may dictate us not to succumb to it, unknowingly we had already followed our emotion and again failed to uphold whatever is the right thing to do. the likes of king solomon had fallen victim to stupidity by following his emotion

  2. Avatar of Tokelo Zarathustra H

    when it comes to matters of the heart its very quite often difficult to be objective thus we overule reason/logic because of personal emotions and become subjective to the matter at hand, and in due course we pay the ultimate price

  3. Avatar of Sulekha Pande

    Yes , indeed , we all know that deep down , but seldom follow it , allowing emotions to overrule logic and then live to regret some of our mistakes all our lives .

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