The 6 Most Loving Zodiac Signs: How Strong Is Your Game Of Love?

Most Loving Zodiac Signs

4. Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Gentle Lovers

The key characteristics of Cancer, the crabs among the zodiacs, are empathetic, sensitive, emotional, caring, and family-oriented. These traits make loving a Cancerian a truly gratifying experience. 

Their hearts overflow with pure compassion for their friends and family. They show strong maternal emotions towards their loved ones and will protect the one they love with their life.

Cancers’ expression of love is tender, and this, in tandem with their romantic streak, makes them one of the most gentle and dreamy lovers. 

Being empathetic, they are supportive of their partners’ choices, and always eager to listen patiently and give helpful advice.

The only issue with Cancers is that their protective and sensitive natures easily make them jealous and suspecting in relationships.

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5. Scorpio (October 23 – November 22)

Intense Lovers

Scorpions bring so much intensity into the relationship- brace yourself for some fierce passion if you are in love with a Scorpio!

They like to dig deep and know your heart, so expect deep, intimate conversations. 

What makes them so desirable is their ability to love profoundly, both physically and emotionally. 

They are choosy lovers, but once their heart is set, they love without conditions and have eyes just for their partners. 

Being a water sign, their feelings are deep and well-hidden. At times, you need to look beneath the surface and examine their true state of mind. This tendency to keep feelings under wraps adds to the mystery and makes them more alluring.

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6. Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Dream Lovers

Pisceans are romantic souls– so prepare to be swept off your feet! Being loved by a Piscean feels like living in a fairytale! 

Being extremely empathetic, they just naturally feel your pain and stop at nothing to cheer you up.

They are the type of people you can freely complain to about a rough day at work; they will empathize and probably cook some comfort food to lift your mood.

The most exciting thing about Pisceans is that they can be both flirts and romantics! Sometimes they will engage in witty banter while other times you will receive beautiful love notes- your heart is sure to melt!

The only trouble you might encounter dating a Piscean is that they can’t do without their alone time. Let them enjoy their solitude, but remind them that you’re waiting to spend time with them once they feel ready.

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Didn’t find your zodiac in this list of the most loving zodiac signs? Fret not- you might be the friendliest, or the most romantic, or the most charming zodiac! And others are sure to find those traits alluring!

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The 6 Most Loving Zodiac Signs: How Strong Is Your Game Of Love?
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