What’s Your Most Admired Quality, Based On Your Zodiac Signs


Most Admired Quality  – Their Charismatic persona and fun nature

The lion sign is as bright as the sun, spreading sunshine, happiness, and positivity in people they come in contact with. They are the life of the party, the clown of the class and the joker in the friend’s circle. People around them never carries a grumpy face.

The lion is also creative, as said by Mesa,  “This fire sign is artistic, charismatic and full of life. It’s always a party when they’re around, and their childlike sense of humor is one of a kind.” 

Their talents intrigue others. 


6. Virgo:

Most Admired Quality – Their poker face and Attention to details

“The truth is, this earth sign’s mission is to do the job right or not at all. Their precision and an eye for detail is something out of this world. Beyoncé woke up like this,” says Mesa.

They need everything in detail and sorted out. 

A Virgo’s temper remains under control even under trying situations. They never lose their temper, even where most will. (Are you jelly?) Their “don’t give a fuck” attitude and composure is an example for others to draw inspiration from.


7. Libra:

Most Admired Quality – Diplomacy and their alluring charm

You will be absolutely envious of the irresistible charm they carry around with them.

Can you not be lured? No chance.  Going by the words of Mesa, “Delicate and harmonious, this air sign will lure you in faster than you think.” 

They are good conversationalists. High on communication skills, they know how to analytically skim the required information off someone. 


8. Scorpio:

Most Admired Quality – Their peerless allure and mind-boggling psychic abilities

“Despite their femme fatale appeal and smoldering aura, Scorpios are blessed with many different powers. For instance, with Pluto being their ruler, Scorpios have the power to intimidate and scare whomever they please, with just one look,” says Mesa.

The most feared yet adored sign of the zodiacs has the capacity to burn with their rage or transform you their everlasting affection. People are most often than not intimidated by them.

“They’re secretive psychics who plumb into the depths of your psyche in seconds. Their eyes are x-rays with a dose of mental hypnosis,” says Mesa, which will seduce the hell out of you.

No wonder they are the most sought-after people! 

Jenny Turner
Jenny is a writer, traveller and freelancing photographer who is intrigued by the supernatural. She loves to explore and write about supernatural, astrological, spiritual and para-psychological topics.
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