The Word Was MOON


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By Hema Lakshmi 


“My darling!you will never be one of those barely noticeable stars…NEVER!!” , the golden words of her father are echoing in her mind now..slowly she went down her memory lane…..

she had always been hesitant to attend that karate class teamed with boys.At times, the bruises in her face would madden her mom making her yell at dad..yet he was convinced that.. “she is not going to be a pampered princess in a safe castle praying for defense..but a warrior going to battlefields making her own defense”.She did become a warrior..a half-baked one though!!

Then a day came…she didn’t know it was not A DAY but THE DAY..she was trudging from her training institute with a great relief that her father had finally given in and that she never has to attend that damn karate class..9 p.m, dark street,suddenly her eyes wide opened at the sight of a girl getting molested by brutes..she had no clue what a half-baked warrior could offer…a goddamn kick in the nuts, a black eye, multiple fractures in limbs!!!!

They ran away as if she was a goddess…a terrific goddess.With her bloodshot eyes, she looked up at the sky..the BLOODSHOT MOON…Now she looked at the girl..that gratitude flowing eyes..she knew what she is…she knew her purpose is to make THE MORE DARKER, LESS DARKER.And she knew who her father is…He was her reason!!HE WAS HER SUN!!!

Next day,”Daddy…faster..I’m getting late for karate class!!” she uttered with a bright smile which is the effect of that echoing golden words!!

By Sulekha Pande 

She was standing at the coffee shop when he saw her for the first time…
Moon face, was the first thought that hit his mind…
She was the typical blond beauty, he was the star of the football team.

From then on, he only called her Moon, no matter what her name was.

10 years later, they were living a dream life, with a baby, money and a dream home.

All was well on the surface, but the inner cracks were only visible to them.
Her confidence had taken a beating under his overwhelming success, she was still extremely beautiful, but the entourage that followed him had younger nymphs, she nagged and nagged, he was tired of convincing her of his undying love for her.
The fights continued, she herself was fed up.
She became friendly with someone online, which soon escalated into clandestine meetings.

Soon she fell in love with him, he was not half as handsome as her husband, but he showered her with attention, she now trusted him more than herself, one evening he casually asked her about her assets, to which she happily told him that she had jewellery worth millions plus cash, soon after that he suggested they elope and live anonymously, she agreed, she had little love left for her family.
She cleaned the safe, took all that belonged to her, took a cab and left.
They checked into a nondescript motel, after a night of wild passion, she woke up to an empty room.


With a thumping heart, she looked for her bag, which was gone too…
As she put her face into her palms and sobbed, she had nowhere to go.
She’d pinned a note to the fridge and by now her husband might’ve read it….
She sat desolately……

The moon was alone now …

By Rode Albino 

“Hey, you are looking to the moon again!”, said, my friend, as she taps my shoulder. 
“I like the moon! It’s full of mystery for me”
“What do you mean? Moon is just one of heavenly bodies. No mystery!”

“Hmm. What I’m saying is I can see myself through the moon. Moon has different phases, just like me. I can be as bright as the full moon and as secretive as quarters”, I replied. 
“Secretive as quarters, how?”

“Have you seen quarter moon?, only half of the moon is visible to the eye and the other half is hiding from billions of people, I’m that half, secretive and mysterious”

“I agree. You are also giving us light during rough times and hardships, you’re my moon during the darkest days of my life!”, my friend answered. 

I smiled and uttered “I am wondering if there’s someone out there looking at the moon right now, is he thinking or feeling the same way?”

“Yes, and eventually he will find his way to you, and He’s the other half of yours! “, my friend giggled. 


“I will wait for that day or night. I will wait for my half moon.”

Together, We both smiled and admired the beauty of Moon, dreaming, waiting and hoping for our Half. – words of Rode

By Bai Qian 

“You are looking at it again.” 
He said as he sat beside me.

“When I die, could you please think of me as a moon?” I said.

“Hmm? What’s so good about moons? It does not talk. It doesn’t have a life and it only shines at night plus it doesn’t have a partner. It’s a total loner.”

I looked at him and then stares back at the moon
“You’re wrong. The moon is special. It lights the most in the darkest. It is always there, watching everyone below, lighting their paths. And the moon isn’t selfish because it chose to share its light with everyone. Moon is always present at night. It never leaves. Now, I want you to think of me as a moon. I’m leaving this place soon love but even so, I want you to think of me as a moon.”

He looked at me.


Eyes projecting sadness and fear.

I stared at the moon. And raised my hand like I am holding it in my palm. And looked at him.
“I need to go now love, soon I’ll be a moon too. “


A tear rolled down on his cheek. Even if I want to stay, I can’t.

“Smile love”

Being with you here is the best moment of my life. I will always be at your side. Protecting you. Always love, always. Saranghae.

By Nithin Chandrashekar

 The earth and the moon meeting face to face,
craving for the sweet embrace,
longing to be one, they slink,
The earth blushed, and the horizon turned pink.

I’ll be your love, I’ll never make you feel alone,
I’ll be your light when it’s dark,
but you go round and round around the sun
asked the moon.

I kept the love you gave me,
with the fire still burning bright,
I go round and round around the sun,
counting every second, just to see you on the other side.
Said the earth



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