Moon Reflections

Everything is affected by the Moon. Waters, humans, life, emotions…

As it rises fully shaped on the horizon, our moods swing in free flow with the tides …

It was a huge yellowish ball that rose last night upon the horizon. In broad daylight.

We read stories and stories about the Moon and its influence, especially on women. We don’t pay much attention at first. But, as years go by, we, women, know that everything they say about the Moon is true. We know with certainty that we are somehow defined by its rhythm, its changing shapes.

I am a Cancer woman. Sometimes I can spend hours just sitting quietly under the light of the Moon. It nourishes me. Sometimes. Sometimes it brings anxiety my way.

But, I always check it when there is something inside me that can’t hold still. Or when I am, quite to the contrary, very calm.

(And that statement is a complete lie: as a typical Cancer woman, I am never calm 🙂 )

Probably because it is my heart that wanders, not my mind.

In the process (of wandering around), it accumulates all sorts of emotions.

Yes, indeed, all Cancer women are empaths.

It is as if a portal is opened inside of us, a filter through which all feelings pass.

Therefore, we simply ‘know’ by being capable to strongly ‘feel’ everything around us. Especially – people.

It took me years to understand why I have strange emotions, affecting me strongly for no personal reason.

It also took me years to understand that some people feel only subjectively, while others feel everything around them, without even wanting to.

(It took me years to be able to write about this without being afraid of misunderstandings and mockery.)

Insecurity is the worst enemy to artistic creation.

And cancerians and prone to insecurity. They pick up where others left-off. They accumulate all sorts of feelings.

Sometimes I project myself as a huge balloon hanging over the world, picking up pieces. Some of them might come handy. Someone could be missing just that particular piece, left-off in a neglect. 🙂 And I do it with a smile and a positive through. I am a woman, I am the Moon 😉

Yesterday that balloon rose again upon the horizon:

“I am 47. I am 1047. I am eternal. I know because I feel. I am you. Wash away the negative, keep the positive, and flow….

And if you get clam, really really calm, you will hear the mermaids singing….

There is much too much reality in you to be able to see the invisible natures in the Universe.“

“I readily believe that there are more invisible than visible Natures in the universe. But who will explain for us the family of all these beings, and the ranks and relations and distinguishing features and functions of each? What do they do? What places do they inhabit? The human mind has always sought the knowledge of these things, but never attained it. Meanwhile I do not deny that it is helpful sometimes to contemplate in the mind, as on a tablet, the image of a greater and better world, lest the intellect, habituated to the petty things of daily life, narrow itself and sink wholly into trivial thoughts. But at the same time we must be watchful for the truth and keep a sense of proportion, so that we may distinguish the certain from the uncertain, day from night.”
― Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

We read about this kind of love, that kind of love, how to love a woman, how to find your soul mate, how to know if you are mistreated, how to know if he/she is the one, how to get up after being hurt, how to treat a narcissists, how to protect an empath…

How to know thyself!!!

If you know yourself + you love yourself + you love all other creatures + you love all nature = natures loves you back.

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