Money runs the modern medicine

Sai Sravan Biyyapu

Money runs
the modern medicine

Debashis Das

I promise you
a good health my friend,
If you have got the wealth to spend,
Your doctor is always at your service,
If you are ready to pay the price.

Rinku Shah

A doctor is for healing,
It’s your calling.
Respect this art,
Have a heart.
Prevention is better than cure,
Greed is a disease for sure.
Remember your oath.
Keep in mind both!

Samuel Jones

There are many, many factors,
when discussing the cost of heath,
are they in it for the passion,
or because of gains of wealth?
In issues of my own,
where illness was the fare,
I thank the team of doctors,
who sought my very care.
So, question all you want,
as is your freedom right,
but I’m grateful for the skill,
that helped me gain my sight

Sulekha Pande

Oh dear doctor,
remember one factor,
healing is your forte’
stethoscope at hand,
red cross at the armband,
don’t use your Hippocratic oath,
for your economic growth.

Sulekha Pande

Don’t become a slot machine,
even if you’re very keen,
healing should come first,
greed for money
is a never ending thirst..

Faith Dunsmuir

Motivated by money

Phoenix Nalin

Health For Sale

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