November 18, 2016


5 comments on “Moments

  1. Interesting article about time
    In my Timeline & previous posts

    I have mentioned a lot about Time
    It is just a virtual concept created by Humans, to understand the cycles of Earth/life … etc.,

    For a person who is still, time passes by…..
    For a person who is occupied, time still passes by…
    But how does it pass by….
    Will it pass by really fast or slow …
    What governs the speed of the passing time…
    Is it the stillness, or breathing cycle or speed of our thoughts or the processing speed of the brain or something else you have in mind???

    Let the answer to this question be XXX

    Is our breathing also proportional to the XXX?
    How can this XXX be increased or decreased?
    After increasing or decreasing, what happens to the time that passes?
    Thank you for reading…

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