A Moment Of Pure Bliss

Have you ever had that moment of exquisite realization that you lived in pure happiness and bliss? It takes just a second, the blink of an eye, the beating of the wings of a butterfly, to realize that joy is just this. It is not perfect, yet radiant in its imperfection. Love brings our vibrations higher and makes our world a better place, and you’ve made my world the best place it could ever be.
I knew just that moment when I saw you that day. You were driving, your eyes squinted with the last rays of sunlight of a simple afternoon. It could have been any afternoon. Light shimmering through the windscreen and hot summer breeze seeped in while you took a turn. We talked, your eyes on the road and your joyful smile curved the tips of your lips. The crease above your smile almost a dimple but just not quite. My heart skipped a beat and I smiled.
Perfect moments are just like this, raw and simple. An honest reminder of our ephemeral nature; we’re just here on a rest stop to learn and to love. Those instants that fly away so quickly yet they last forever.
So perfect in your imperfections, I wouldn’t change a thing and do it all over again. I never expected to find such an exact reflection of my dreams. Not perfect like I thought, yet delightfully human, honest.
Life can have its twists and turns, but that day, I thanked everything for such pure happiness. For that exquisite moment that I can relish on forever. Our human experience comes down to the sum of all those fleeting moments that take our breath away, that make our hearts skip a beat. They are what make us realize that we actually live in pure happiness; they are what make it all make sense.

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