How The Emotional Abuser Traps A Victim

How The Emotional Abuser Traps A Victim

They fail to explain why they continued to bear the abuse and said all the good things about the person. Instead of coming across as victim they sound crazy and bitter. Handling rejection becomes tough and they have no one to reach out to as no one believes them.

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This is what an emotional abuser’s trap is.

No one can beat them. They take their victim to such a state of mind that the victim turns blind and heaps them with praise and adoration. When they finally start abusing (for which they had laid the trap), the victim is stuck.

The worst happens when their own friends hold them responsible and label them ‘crazy’. It crushes them and destroys them and that is the final and ultimate blow by the psychopath.


Is there any way to heal or recover from an emotional abuser’s trap?

But, you have to know how and where to reach out. There is definitely a need to share your story. You can’t keep all the pain within. But, share your story with those people who know what you have faced. Forums and journals can help you. If you need therapy, seek a therapist who understands manipulators and mind games. They should have knowledge about Cluster B personality disorders.

A therapist who doesn’t have proper knowledge and experience can end up complicating your situation even more. As this was just not any ‘ordinary’ break up, the last thing you want to be told is “breakups are part of life” or “forget it”. There is a need for someone who can open the knots in your brain and help you attain peace.

Tell yourself, you are not crazy or bipolar. Be firm on that. Because that is what the emotional abuser trap was all about. You are not needy, jealous, hypersensitive or insane as the psychopath had pronounced you to be. Your challenge is to escape this trap. You are a fighter and you will survive this. Don’t try to justify yourself to anyone. Stop finding faults within you. Be kind to yourself.

Gradually you will find calm and strength to recover. And one day you will find yourself in the position to speak about your experience powerfully because you will move from the state of haphazard to stability.

So say farewell to these games. You are not alone. Share your story with people who get it, and slowly you will find that this nightmare becomes nothing more than a strange, distant memory. The psychopath does not matter. It’s the subsequent recovery journey that changes everything.

You don’t need to be the sufferer. You are not the only one; there are many more people who have been victimized in a similar way. Tell your story to those who understand it and gradually it will be a thing of the past, a strange experience. The psychopath holds no significance in your life. It is the path to recovery that matters. Brave it and life has many beautiful shades to reveal to you.

If you want to know more about emotional abuse, then check out this video below:

Emotional Abuser's Trap
Emotional Abuser’s Trap

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