Modern World’s Smallness

I look at the world and am amazed.

Not because of the bigness or the vastness of the World itself;  not because of the uniqueness of each country, traditions, different population groups, etc. but actually amazed by just how small-minded the human race became at an ever increasing rapid rate.

Small minded in an environment which actually gives us the opportunity to be big in thoughts, behaviour, speech, generosity, communication and many more.

Small minded in what is ‘acceptable’ in terms of Everything….  Uniqueness a beautiful rarity.

As a species we are more informed and connected than ever before, more educated, more liberated, more opportunities knocking on our door, more freedom to express ourselves;  we are exposed to unlimited knowledge and resources thanks to the World Wide Web.

Yet, we become more and more narrow-minded in our ideas and perceptions of “Who” we are supposed to be.  Ideas about what we must have and do; where we should stay, with whom we should be friends.  All of this just to stay up with the fast changing world, to stay ‘Relevant’.

I can’t help but wonder when did the following change?

  • When did it become more important to wear brand names, instead of clean clothes?
  • Since when is your value determined by the degree you have, instead of a good upbringing with values and manners!  Respect for fellow human being and animal.
  • When did it become more important in having the latest cell phone, and other technology than to really communicate?
  • Transport – Objective is to get from A to B.  But!   These days it seems that the price tag of your car not only buys you a few extra luxuries, but also the add-on of having more “rights” on the road…
  • For some esteemed food snobs it is more important to eat – and be seen – at a restaurant with a 4 /5 star rating than actually enjoying the food’s aroma, colour, taste and texture, not even to talk about the company sharing the experience.  Isn’t eating out supposed to be a treat!
  • What happened to real time LIFE conversations?   Since when did the number of followers on Instagram, friends on Facebook and a growing contact list on whats-app became more important than actually have a real life friend.  One you can touch and reach out to?
  • …  The less said, the better.  Today the norm is to have PLASTIC surgery done.  Everywhere on the body.  Real beauty isn’t appreciated and valued anymore, but rather adhering to a set of prescribed measurements and certain facial features.  It is as if everyone are aiming to look different [from their natural self], yet the same.  
  • I always thought Fluffy or Kitty’s purpose was to give me personal joy, to de-stress me.  But no, even our pets became status symbols.  The poor animal MUST be of a certain breed and even if so will not be accepted, unless he/she has “papers” to proof they are pure-bred.  Personally I won’t exchange my crazy, loving, spontaneous dog for any pedigree dog.  He loves me and is always ecstatically happy to see me and welcomes me as such.  Who now wants a snob for a pet as well?!
  • So where do you live?  “Aaah man, I live in a small complex [without a security gate and guards, without designer gardens and 3 garages]”;  and I smile.  

I can see how the other person cringes of the mere thought of that!

I don’t care; my house is warm, cosy, filled with love and beautiful memories.  It is filled with items of joy, not items of value.  We live in our house to full capacity; a place of which my children will one day think back to with feelings of endearment.

  • From house to garden.  As a child my favourite spot in the garden was an old apricot tree in which I climbed and went to fantasy world.  I could be anyone in there.  But nowadays a garden needs to be ‘designed’ and ‘landscaped’ and ordained.  ZEN…. No thanks!  

A garden is a supposed to be a place filled with nature’s wonders, a place to relax, to listen to bird song and enjoy all God’s wonders.

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