How Modern Dating Is Killing Real Love

In This Modern Dating World, I Don’t Believe In Love Anymore

As cliché as it sounds, in this modern dating world, love is still about showing up. It’s about making the effort to meet them halfway. It’s about the closure and intimacy that you get after you had direct interaction with someone. In this digital era, love has nothing to do with our phone screen. Our internet connection may be a part of our intimacy, but it isn’t the main thing we need to be able to build a deep connection with someone.

We are the generation: who wants everything to be instant and fast, while love requires patience and time; who glorifies recognition from others, while love is about being enough only for each other; who believes that love is defined by society’s standards, while a true love has its own different meaning for each of us. We are the generation who seek true love, yet we’re also the ones who lost it.

“It’s very easy to confuse physical attraction with a real connection.”— Josh Hartnett

In this modern dating world, love starts to lose its true meaning.

If love was that easy to find, it would not have so priceless. Moreover, not everyone is lucky enough to experience true love, with modern dating making the situation worse. Even though there is nothing wrong with dating, it’s the way it’s done leads to a problem.

Written by Rayi Noormega Originally appeared on Rayi Noormega’s Publications Follow more of her work at or follow Rayi on Instagram

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In This Modern Dating World, I Don’t Believe In Love Anymore
How Modern Dating Is Killing Real Love

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