Mirror Mirror on the wall

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Enchanted by her looks and her charm. Starring at her image in the mirror on the wall so much was she in love with herself she doubted if any more love was needed at all

The mirror never lied nor did it hide whenever she laughed or when she cried, the mirror taught her perfection is when the bridge between the beauty outside and inside is well aligned. A person with a nice heart shines  like a pole star setting aside how the darkness strides.

The mirror is a reflection of who we are and how we feel without any filters or feelings made of plastic or steel.

Before she talked to him she looked at the mirror practicing to speak what she means  only if  the mirror could tell if what he thinks is  what he really speaks.

Looking at the mirror she learned the best and worst of her. If there exists a person who could help become the best of ourselves at all it is the person you see when you look at the mirror on the wall.

-Joshna Tandel