Mindfulness : The Power Of Now

Thoughtless Mind

Its funny 
I was a compulsive thinker. 
My mind was full of questions and doubts
Answers would never satiate my thirst abound.

I read books and books 
Hoping the next one would bring solace 
But with my thoughts, they failed to keep pace.

I met faces and faces in the crowd
Each having a theory of their own of which they were so proud.

I watched the flowers and the stars 
And wondered from where did they get their power.

I looked at the sky so vast.
And wondered how it kept the tranquility 
And remained calm and untouched 
by the noise of the buzzing city.

Until I realized that 
It’s the Power of Now on which
The Nature thrives.. 
It doesn’t live in the future or past 
Present Moment is the only end 
And present moment is the only start.

Now I wonder what took me so long 
to enjoy the flight of a calm and thought less mind.
It is the present moment awareness that holds the key.
I again find it funny.
Now I write poems from a mind that is thought free.

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