10 Creative Mindfulness Exercises For Kids

creative mindfulness exercises for kids

4. Tastes Taste

Purpose: Sense of taste, Identification, Awareness
Age: 3+ years

How To:

  • Blindfold your child
  • Place 10 different food items such as cookies, fruits, cereals, etc
  • Ask your kid to taste each food item one by one
  • Now tell your child to guess the name of each food items

5. Name, place, animal, thing

Purpose: Memory, Awareness, Knowledge, Focus
Age: 6-7+ years

How To:

  • Take a square of paper. Divide the page into four parts; name, place, animal, thing.
  • You can place a bowl of alphabet chits and ask your kid to pick one chit, alphabet.
  • Once the alphabet is selected, ask your child to write down the names of a person, animal, thing, and place starting with that letter.
  • You can make a scoreboard for it, 5 points for every correct answer, and see how much your kid scores.

6. Nature Walk

Purpose: Awareness, Calmness, appreciation of nature, Cognitive development. Anxiety relief
Age: 5+ years

How To:

  • Take your kids out to a park and a calm place 
  • Consider walking barefoot
  • Ask your child to observe nature and its surroundings
  • Walk and collect special things from nature
  • Tell your child to pick up a flower, leaves or throw a rock, 
  • Ask your kid to count the number of trees. If possible, mark them.
  • Tell your child to sit on the grass or rock and look at the butterflies, listen to the birds, feel the grass beneath their feet and smell the flowers.
  • Treasure those collectibles.

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7. Kindness Worksheet

Purpose: Learn Empathy, Kindness, Social Skills, Self-confidence
Age: 6+ years

How To:

  • Make a worksheet of social activities
  • Ask your child to follow this worksheet and check the daily activities
  • Make this worksheet listing acts of kindness such as: Say hello to neighbors with a smile, Hug mom and dad, Help old people, Help a friend, Compliment someone, Say thank you whenever someone compliments you or give you anything, Pick up trash, open the door for someone, Never talk bad about someone, Hold the elevator, Help with a grocery bag, Give a thank you card to teacher, etc.
  • Ask your child to check the box when applicable and see how many acts of kindness your child has performed.

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8. Planting a Tree

Purpose: Gratitude, Attentiveness, Caring, Kindness
Age: 5+ years

How To:

  • Buy a planter or you can make some planter with your kid at home
  • Buy or extract some seeds from vegetables or fruits.
  • Help your kid to plant those seeds in the soil
  • Ask your child to water the soil every day
  • Tell your child to keep track of the growth of the plant
  • Watch the plant grow with your kid

9. Sorting and Classifying

Purpose: Cognitive skill development, Focus, Motor skills
Age: 4+ years

How To:

  • Cut a page into small notes or chits. 
  • Write alphabets, numbers on these chits. You can also make them fun by attaching different pictures of flowers, fruits, vegetables, etc.
  • Sit with your kids and give all the chits to them folded
  • Ask your child to unfold the chits and see what this chit is all about, some can be of alphabets, some numbers or some can be pictures of different objects.
  • Tell your child to sort the chits by their identity. For instance, numbers should be classified in one pile and so are the alphabets in different piles and so on.
  • Help your kid identify the chits and sort.
  • See if your child has sorted the chits into different piles.

10. Block/Lego Building

Purpose: Color and shape identification, Attentiveness, Creativity
Age: 2.5+ years

How To:

  • Pick some blocks of different colors and shapes, you can use legos too.
  • Ask your child to create a simple pattern with blocks. Or you can show a pattern for them to create, patterns that they can recognize.
  • Help them to create different patterns with these blocks.

I am not exaggerating when I say that mindfulness is a journey. A journey that a kid starts and stays till their last breath. A mindful kid today can be the future mindful adult. But this is not a disciplinary tool. Keep the purpose of mindfulness exercises for kids in mind. Be sure to engage in mindfulness practice with children in positive situations. Mindfulness might be a simple thing, but it’s hard to put into practice.

Practicing these mindfulness exercises for kids will help your child to focus their attention on things like schoolwork, listening, helping others, social communication, etc. Your child will be calmer, more attentive, and patient in everyday life.

Creative Mindfulness Exercises For Kids pin
10 Creative Mindfulness Exercises For Kids
Creative Mindfulness Exercises for kids pin
10 Creative Mindfulness Exercises For Kids
Mindful Activities For Kids pin
10 Creative Mindfulness Exercises For Kids
creative mindfulness exercises for kids pin
10 Creative Mindfulness Exercises For Kids
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