How Mindful Meditation Can Make You A Better Parent

So be patient and stick with it.

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Once you’re past the initial stages and the new habit is formed, mindful meditation will naturally and seamlessly become part of your new everyday routine. Here’s how to begin:

  1. Set a clear parenting goal or intention (to be more patient, to be more loving, to be more calm, etc.)
  2. Make your goals 1-3 things (remember we’re keeping this simple!)
  3. Write down your goals somewhere (a fridge is a great place)
  4. Start by dedicating just 5 minutes each morning to meditation (use whatever method you prefer; seated meditation, Tai Chi, yoga, etc)
  5. Push through on those mornings when you don’t want to do it (we all have those mornings)
  6. No matter which practice, focus on your breath and emptying the mind
  7. Close your eyes (to minimize distractions)
  8. Be kind to yourself (when you get distracted)
  9. With every breath try and release more tension in your body

As you start to get the new habit ingrained, you’ll start to see the tangible benefits of mindful meditation. Then you can begin to devote more time to it.

Just a few minutes a day really can make a big difference!

If you can meditate with your kids, then it becomes a family tradition and you all grow stronger together!


Become a Model Parent with Meditation

“Conscious parenting is not about being perfect, it’s about being aware. Aware of what your kids need from you to reach more of their full potential.” – Alex Urbina

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Meditation reduces stress and anxiety while bringing a greater sense of calm and patience to both you and your child. You will see amazing benefits from starting a mindful meditation practice.

In truth, adopting a mindful approach to life can not only improve your parenting style but can bring about a positive change to all aspects of your life. So, don’t delay, begin practicing mindfulness meditation today and reap the incredible benefits for both you and your children.


Here’s an insightful video on mindfulness and parenting:

“Do not give up when touching the Door of Awareness, you meet its Mindfulness Magic, but let it open wide giving your family a possibility to Create Reality of Your Dreams.” – Natasa Pantovic Nuit, Conscious Parenting: Mindful Living Course for Parents

With the help of mindfulness meditation, you can become more compassionate and empathetic. So whenever you feel like you may lose your cool parenting your beautiful kids, simply take a moment and pause, breathe and become aware of your thoughts and emotions. Take a slow deep breath in and slowly exhale. Acknowledge your feelings, bring your focus to the current moment and become aware of your child’s experience. Try to accept the moment without judgment and refrain from getting lost in your thoughts about the past or the future.

It may take a little bit of time and effort to strengthen your parenting style with the help of mindfulness meditation, but in the end you will become a more loving, caring and understanding parent who knows how to positively impact their children.



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Written By Jeff Campbell
Originally Appeared On Lifehack

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How Mindful Meditation Can Make You A Better Parent
How Mindful Meditation Can Make You A Better Parent

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