Mind is a maze, leaves everyone in a daze

Karthik Parthasarathy

Mind is a maze,
leaves everyone in a daze.
Can’t read it,
Not even a bit.
Can’t stop from entering though,
Like a moth to a flame, I go.
I enter into it fast
Within moments, I get lost.
A part of me gets stuck forever,
Can’t resist the temptation, however.

Tanu Malhotra

Human mind is a maze,
where you learn something new each day,
figure out a new way.
Yet never reach the destination,
for you are only a player,
and He, the master of the play!

Debra Pry

We create our own chaos,
in our own minds.

Rinku Shah

Our complex mind,
Goes through the daily grind.
No less than a challenging maze,
Will not solve with a gaze.
A labyrinth of emotions and trials,
Way out will earn you smiles.
Heart as your compass.
End this ruckus!

Amy Mccall

I’m trapped inside my own mind
with all these crazy thoughts.
Which way do I go,
how can I escape my over thinking,
I can’t escape the maze because
the walls and turns are never ending.
This is how depression makes you feel
trapped and hopeless

Rinku Shah

Watch who you allow to enter your mind!
They live rent free and make you pay in kind.
Your heart alone knows the way…
Don’t stray!

Ramya Raghuraman

Too many people in the puzzle
Who really should belong to my innermost circle?
Some live inside temporarily
And leave arbitrarily
The ones who really want you to play
Will eventually stay.
Life is a puzzle
Who should belong to your innermost circle?

Jaimie Mazzone

Our mind holds the ultimate maze
within the butterfly effect of time and space.
Following the footprints of past regrets,
running to answers that lead to dead ends.
Confined to the beat of the present drum,
choices that will show us the way to the center of it all. Only to find it brings us back to the start, to learn
again until the lesson is done.

Sulekha Pande

The labyrinths of mind,
are one of a kind,
everyone has a unique pattern,
thoughts are filed,
incidents stored,
there’s always
an invisible switchboard,
people stay, people go,
memories are stored,
from far far ago.

Kori Martin

My mind is a maze
that has no beginning and no end.
I’m trapped in the never-ending
turns and dead-ends.

Anindya J Ganguly

We are all breathing
in our locked paths of trail
searching for a door or a window
to break free & Escape.

Samuel Jones

It was easy getting into my head.
The problem is finding a way
to get out of my head

Ose Dem

Trapped in my mind

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