6 Mind Hacks To Persuade Anyone For Anything in Just 10 Seconds Mastering the art of persuasion gives you power.




Everyone is going to have gut objections.

They’ve been approached 1000s of times before.

But probably many others have and you have to put up with their non-stop objection.

I will list them and then give solutions in parentheses:

  • No time (that’s ok. It’s on an elevator. So they have elevator-length time. The key here is to stand straight and act like someone who deserves to be listened to).
  • No interest (you solve this by accurately expressing the urgency of the problem)
  • No perceived difference  (but you have your unique difference ready to go)
  • No belief  (offer unquestionable proof that this works)
  • No decision  (make their decision as user-friendly as possible)

Most people don’t have the power of persuasion. They mess up on each of the points I’ve outlined above. It takes practice and hard work.

But this is not just about persuasion. It’s about connection.

It’s about two people, who are probably strangers, reaching through physical and mental space and trying to understand each other and reach common ground.

It’s not about money. It’s not about the idea. It’s not about yes or no.

It’s about two people falling in love.


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