3 Mind Games All Narcissistic Men Play In Relationships

And there are other warning signs!

A narcissist is usually quite charming and quite intelligent. Oftentimes, they promise you the sun, moon and stars. They know how to push your buttons in a way that they ‘entrap’ you in their world so that you do what they want.

The moment you stop doing what they want, they get angry. When you choose to leave the relationship, they throw you away then go on to tell everyone they were victimized by you.

Though you may be a victim of narcissistic behavior, remember the narcissist has been victimized as well. They truly need help.

Truly rather than label people, I prefer to say, “Love the person, change the behavior.” Yet, remember that the person has to WANT TO CHANGE.

Loving that person doesn’t mean staying around for abuse. You can love the person and still leave. You can love them and help them to seek professional counsel.

If they choose not to get help, then you can (as my Grandmother would say) “run, don’t walk” to your happier future ahead! If they seek counsel, a great professional can truly help them.

In my experience there is a tremendous chance that the man imprinted narcissism at a very early age from a caregiver.

If you or someone you know and love have symptoms of narcissism seek professional counsel. Remember you are magnificent being of love and light!

Originally appeared on Your tango
Written by Maggie Connor
Published on The Minds Journal with the authors permission

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  1. This behavior is not limited to mates—this is anyone you come in contact with—relatives, coworkers, friends. Just open yourself up to observing behavior—some is not noticeable at the beginning, but will come apparent as you become more familiar with the person.

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