5 Powerful Mind And Body Hacks For A Limitless Brain

powerful mind and body hacks for limitless brain

3. Hack Learning And Become A Super Learner

I mentioned reading in the previous hack, however, I wanted to dive deeper into this one. I attribute exercise and reading to my success in life. Most people stop actively learning when they exit a formal education curriculum. Reading is the optimal approach to improving overall learning capacity.

I recommend the following.

Become a Ferocious Reader

The absolute best way to improve our intelligence is to read.


This is the future of learning, and for the most part, is free. There are some great online lectures on YouTube and you can listen while exercising while driving (just don’t try to watch the video!), and just about anywhere. I recommend ‘Khan Academy’ if you are interested in improving your math skills.

Time Hacking

Roger Hamilton highlights the importance of time in his thought-provoking book Wink and Grow Rich.  He remarked, “Show me how a man spends and invests his time, and I will show you his future.”

There is nothing more important than managing your time wisely. As discussed by Hamilton, if we do not use our time wisely – once spent, that time is gone forever and will never come back.

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4. Hack Your Senses And Become A Synesthete

I promise I am not on LSD and I highly recommend you stay clear of it (although it has been proven to increase neurogenesis). Definitely a crazy concept, but you can hack your senses in order to hear, taste, feel, and see colors.  

Synesthesia is a union of our senses to do just that. Synesthetes are people who use this ability to improve memory and cognition. This could be extremely beneficial when attempting to pick out a few numbers from a large set, as each number is associated with a specific color in your mind.

Use the following hack.


This is an experience where senses are brought about by perception, where colors can be malleably connected to words, letters, or numbers. The key here is to determine if any number or letter has a direct association with a color in your mind. If you can associate each letter and number to a color, then you might just be able to hack synesthesia. Use this hack every time you read and see if the association works.

Want to know more hacks for having a limitless brain? Check this video out below:

Hacks for a Limitless Brain

5. Hack Your Memory

Think back to your days in school. What types of techniques did you use to remember lists of important historical figures or geographic areas? Just as in math, where we were forced to memorize the entire multiplication table, we tried to force everything into our brain by the insane approach of repetition. Do you remember anything you shoved into your brain using that technique?

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Building a memory palace is a far superior technique utilized by all memory champions. It is a mnemonic device used to remember words, cards, faces, numbers, and more.

Use these three steps as a quick guide in constructing your palace.

  • Determine your memory palace. Use a familiar setting (such as your childhood home).
  • Determine your route in your palace and assign landmarks (an old furnace in a basement you may have feared as a child).
  • Assign symbols and be creative. Use things you would never reveal to your mother (this will help it stick). Use people you despise, people you love, humiliating memories, and even nudity. One memory champion used an image of a nude model swimming in cottage cheese at a landmark in his childhood home.

Written By Jamie Schwandt
Originally Appeared In Lifehack

Wanting to have a limitless brain and a powerful mind is desired by many, but most deem it impossible to achieve. But as these hacks show, it is actually not impossible. Yes, you might need to work a bit hard, but then which worthwhile thing ever came easy? Try out these mind and body hacks for having a limitless brain, and let us know in the comments down below, how you felt!

Powerful Mind Body Hacks For Limitless Brain Pin
5 Powerful Mind And Body Hacks For A Limitless Brain

powerful mind and body hacks for limitless brain pin
5 Powerful Mind And Body Hacks For A Limitless Brain
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