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Micromanipulation: 5 Ways A Narcissist Controls You


4. Making Easy Conversations Difficult

You will never suspect when a seemingly casual chat becomes a life and death situation with a narcissist. As if they have a superpower to link everything with their life incidents and somehow most of their life incidents have some kind of shock value. You might be having a discussion with your ex-husband regarding an upcoming field trip of your son and suddenly he will drop a bomb saying he might get fired from his job soon or lose an important client. Obviously, it will turn out to be a lie.

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5. No One Else Matters

When dealing with a narcissist the most common behavioral trend that would keep emerging time and again is that nothing and no one else matters. Narcissists love to be the center of attention in every area of their lives and the well-being of others matters little to them. Another sure sign of emotional abuse that you can’t miss is that the abuser demand to be the center figure of your every plan, thought, or life goal.

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Let’s Take A Look At Some Helpful Tips To Deal With Micromanipulation:

  • Find out whether the microaggression is an unintentional one time thing or it’s a behavioral pattern.
  • If it is a regular thing, leaving the person is the best option.
  • Don’t try to fix the manipulator; they will only take advantage of your love.
  • If needed seek help from family, friends, or support group to move away.
  • Consult with a mental health professional.

It’s Never Too Late

If you have been a victim of these above-mentioned mind tricks, don’t be hard on yourself. It is not easy to understand the twisted mind of a narcissist. Your insecurities and vulnerabilities would have remained safe in the hands of the right person but even if you have fallen prey to a narcissist and let them take advantage of your good nature, it’s not late. You can snap ties with a toxic person irrespective of the nature and duration of your relationship. Prioritize your well-being and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty about choosing your own happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do male narcissists view women negatively?

Although narcissists tend to exert their dominance and superiority over all people, male heterosexual narcissists often particularly lash out and try to dominate heterosexual women.

How can you prove to others that you were a victim of narcissistic abuse?

It’s not easy to prove narcissistic abuse in the short run. Professional help can be sought for legal proceedings, however, for emotional support, therapy would be the best solution.

Who are some famous female narcissists?

Narcissism can’t be proved without a proper medical diagnosis. However, some might be of the subjective opinion that Kim Kardashian and Madonna display “narcissistic” traits.

Why am I sexually attracted to narcissists?

You might have been a victim of narcissistic abuse and repeating a dysfunctional cycle. Low self-esteem or codependency issues can also make you fall for the charms of a narcissist.

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Micromanipulation: 5 Ways A Narcissist Controls You
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Micromanipulation: 5 Ways A Narcissist Controls You
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