We have to be patient.  Often Michelangelo had to chisel through lots of excess marble to get to that statue.  Piles and piles of dust formed on the floor around him.

As the True Self begins to surface, the person begins to know who they are.  They look more alive and their body becomes healthier.  Oddly, that which looked real and evil before, now seems like a dream or an illusion.  Michelangelo described the process as freeing the statue inside.  I’ve often used the same terminology except I chisel in order to free the REAL or TRUE person inside.  And I must tell you, no matter how ugly someone is with all that extra stone on them, they are amazingly beautiful after it is removed.

Once he had freed the statue from all the excess marble, what remained was beautiful, delightful to the eyes, and so much more valuable.  Likewise, as the beliefs are chipped away from the person, a free one emerges who is beautiful, delightful to the senses, and so so valuable.


At the end of Michelangelo’s life, he wrote a poem about his life.  Here is part of it:

“Made art an idol and a king to me, Was an illusion, and but vanity,  Were the desires that lured me and harassed…”

He could see how he had been tempted to do art that was not his true expression, such as the Sistine Chapel.  Here is a bit more near the end of the poem.

“Painting and sculpture satisfy no more,  The soul now turning to the Love Divine,”

Even the great Michelangelo realized that the real sculpting is done to ourselves.  Our outer gifts help us to perfect our True Self if we allow them to do so.  I can only support others if I’m busy chiseling away at myself.  And sometimes, it is the last thing I want to do.  It is easy to believe that the goal of our life is to leave a legacy such as a business, a book, a work of art.  But Michelangelo did that, and he shares with us what he learned.  The revelation of our own true beauty and love is the point of life.