December 14, 2015

His inner eyes see something that is perfect although not yet material, just as we might imagine God seeing the earth before it was created.  He goes to work to make the stone match the perfection in his mind.  On our best days, that is what we all do.

Evil does the opposite.  The evil part of our mind sees problems and flaws; and then it prompts us to tell the rest of the world to see that flaw or problem.  It tries to fix the flaw.  It doesn’t want us to let the flaw go and cure it.  The false or evil part of Michelangelo would tell him it is just a big stone.  It would say no one gives a damn about what he sees in the stone.  It would tell him not to waste his time.

Evil is our inner marketing machine that promotes the problems it sees to the rest of the world; it is misery that loves company.  Just yesterday, I heard a speaker say that “good” marketing is making sure that people feel their pain.  Good politics tends to be the same.  Good marketing and good politics are evil with a great mask.  The only reason to feel our pain is to get rid of our pain, not to fix it with their solution.

Evil is a leader without a pure and loving vision in his or her heart; a leader that focuses on and fixes problems is not a true leader.  Before I set my mind straight, I often saw problems and flaws as real.  And that evil point of view was harmful to me and others in my life.  Letting go of that impulse to focus on problems brings me peace and joy.  It chisels away the dross leaving the gold behind.

We all have good and evil points of view until we cure the evil ones.  Michelangelo saw perfection in the marble, but he saw evil in the church.  That is why the job was so painful for him.  He could not let go of the pain that he saw coming from the nepotism and greed in the church.

How we view a person or an animal, a dollar bill, or a chair is determined by the beliefs within our mind.  Often those beliefs come from what we have observed or been told.  We may not have originated those beliefs, but we are the keeper of them.  Most of the evil thoughts we hold in mind were borrowed from others.  They get passed around like viruses.


Just as Michelangelo’s masterpiece eventually emerges.  A real human also eventually emerges from beneath the lies that cover their loving Self.  You can’t be impatient with these things.  Michelangelo’s masterpieces often took months or years.  They were not an overnight job.

People often confuse short-term fixes with the process of revealing the True Self. Willing something into fruition is overpowering the evil within us, and it will reassert itself later on.  Letting go of the evil is the real cure.  Most people have filled their mind with tons of beliefs over many years.  While they come out much faster than they went in, it still takes awhile to reveal that masterpiece.


  1. …we are told,''love yourself '' over and over again but to do this we must first discover who and what we are and not what others want us to be…what role will you play in this ''tragic comedy'' called life…

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