It’s time to strike up the band and break out the champagne because on September 22nd Mercury retrograde is officially over. Say hallelujah! The planet Mercury goes “direct,” and your life officially returns back to normal. You can start humming the lyrics from Bobby McFerrin’s song, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” Just like Paul Revere, the famous American patriot, who on his midnight ride, (supposedly) warned everyone, “The British are coming!”—I warned you “Mercury retrograde was coming from August 30 to September 22.” In my recent Mercury retrograde article, I explained that this cosmic event was taking place over the past three weeks. During the retrograde period, the world went haywire, weird things happened, and your life was probably filled with communication problems you don’t usually encounter. In the cosmos, the planet Mercury rules all types of communications. This Mercury retrograde brought out more then its share of crazy news stories that typified the communication problems both people and politicians experienced. Here are a few examples of people who did not do well under the influence of this retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde News Stories

Rio de Janeiro, Aug. 30 (USA TODAY Sports) Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has been pilloried for his exaggerated tale of robbery in Rio. Mexico City, Sept. 1 Mexican President and Donald Trump have Twitter war over “Mexico not paying for the wall.” 

New York, Sept 6 (Huffington Post) Matt Lauer Lets Donald Trump Get Away With Iraq War Lie.

Yahoo News, Sept. 7 Pilot accidentally flies to the entirely wrong country in colossal stuff-up. New York, Sept 9 (NY Daily News) Hillary Clinton says that 50% of Trump’s supporters are “deplorable.” Regardless of the problems you encountered during this retrograde, if you do some simple things when Mercury goes direct, you’ll derive huge benefit and make yourself or someone else very happy.

Five Ways to Make People Very Happy!  

  1. You made your mother happy when you listened to her advice. Aren’t you glad you declined that job as Head Organizer for Trump!”  Now you can accept a job opportunity with a real future.

During the retrograde, you may have had some confusion about whether to accept a promotional opportunity or a new job offer. However, when Mercury goes direct those doubts will be gone. The fog lifts and your vision is 20/20. You’re now able to evaluate the good, bad and the ugly of any employment opportunity and chose the one that’s right for you. It’s also a positive time to begin a new position because you’ll be communicating clearly without the confusion that causes misunderstandings or bad first impressions.

  1. Be grateful you weren’t fired after placing either of these two ideas in the company suggestion box: the one for “Flavored bullets so people can commit suicide with one of five tasty choices.” Or your new event idea for the annual company picnic: “Having a Xanax scavenger hunt where everything on the list must be stolen.”

Admit to co-workers that your recent promotional ideas were pretty dumb. Let them know that you understand why they burned your picture in effigy in the company lunchroom as a throng of employees loudly cheered, clapped, and chanted, “What a doofus.”

  1. Immediately schedule an appointment to see your hair stylist. . .Please! During the retrograde, you changed your hairdo. What a mistake! It’s clear now that the Donald Trump “comb-over” look wasn’t right for you. Now that Mercury is direct, it’s time to have your hair stylist do a make over and undo the damage, and stop the ridicule you’ve endured from your family and friends. It’s time to “make this face great again.”

Before the retrograde began, you may have been evaluating areas of your life where you needed to make decisions. Perhaps, it was inconvenient to delay making those decisions, waiting for the three weeks of the retrograde to pass. (That’s why you decided to change your hairstyle during the retrograde. Bad move!) But as the direct period begins, you’ll discover mistakes you might have made and learn some useful information you didn’t know. With these facts in hand, you’ll be ready to make the right buying decision to purchase that expensive car or home, begin a new project with greater confidence of success, more competently select a new attorney for estate planning or a plastic surgeon for your cosmetic surgery.

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