Get Ready For a Massive Energy Shift As Mercury Retrograde Combines With a Full Moon on December 3


Third, the retrograde begins conjunct (aligned with) Saturn, who is at the end of his tour of Sagittarius. So Saturn is wrapping things up, and Mercury retrograde comes along wanting to muck it all up – Saturn won’t like that very much! This is exact December 6th (7:05 AM ET), and there will likely be some paying of the piper, some last-ditch lesson, some complex karma coming upon us with Saturn. Maybe something with the law or with politics.

So we’ve got a lot to manage right off of the bat, and we’re going to have to work extra hard to get through it as best as we can! Extra patience, extra time – extra liquor?

Mercury retrograde will be at a critical degree (17 degrees Sagittarius) December 15th – 16th, and this may bring some difficult energy, though not as trying as the start, and we may just be extra annoyed. The Moon will be in the other sign Mercury rules, Virgo, December 8th (6:09 PM ET) to December 11th (12:01 AM ET), and this can be another difficult period of the retrograde (but again, likely not as trying as the very start).

This Mercury retrograde will make 4 major aspects during the retrograde, including the conjunction to Saturn. He’ll also sextile (positive aspect) Mars December 6th (10:58 AM), the same day as the Saturn aspect going exact, so hopefully, we can get some positive energy to help us wade through the difficulties and push forward with energy and enthusiasm, the Mars way. Mercury will conjunct the Sun on December 12th (8:49 PM ET), called the inferior conjunction, and this can usually be a positive aspect providing an opportunity to start something (occurs at 21 degrees 14 minutes in Sagittarius, so see if that’s doing anything to your chart to see if you can use the energy for yourself). Mercury conjuncts Venus on December 15th (9:09 AM ET), and we can strive to get along better, connect in different ways, and find some middle ground (or indulge away our troubles). The retrograde ends square Neptune, though this doesn’t go exact. We may come out of the retrograde in a bit of a fog, unsure of how to proceed or feeling that we’re not seeing everything clearly. We need to let it lift before we make any big decisions.

Extra: Mercury retrograde also squares (hard aspect) Chiron on December 10th, an asteroid dubbed the wounded healer who represents our greatest wounds and how we can heal and grow. Chiron ends his own retrograde December 5th square Mercury retrograde, so we may be focused on what we need to heal from, re-open an old wound, feel extra sensitive, and need to be careful with our words and rhetoric.

The retrograde begins at 29 degrees Sagittarius, so those of you Sagittarians born after December 18th can feel the start of this retrograde most. The retrograde ends at 13 degrees Sagittarius, so those of your Sagittarians born December 2nd – 8th can feel the end of the retrograde most.

For the rest of you, check the house(s) Mercury will be retrograding in of your own natal chart, and any aspects Mercury will make during its retrograde to your natal planets, to fully understand how it will impact you personally.