The Men In Uniform

Men In Uniform

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The sun was up early above the buzzing ground,
The men walked past us with the roaring sound.
Amazing synchrony of discipline and dignity,
The esteemed uniform on them so neat and tidy.

The faces of solemnity and pride,
The emotions were flying high untied.
Gathered here, this long-awaited moment,
When these men shall chorus a slogan.

Far amongst the madding crowd,
An old couple smiling so proud.
The eyes which seemed like pouring,
Upon these men, the endless blessing.

For long the oaths resounded in my ears,
So much I felt, I couldn’t control my tears.
All they pledged to be at the forefront ever,
The time when the nation is struck with terror.

The unforgettable tales of stoicism and fortitude,
Our hearts overflow with love and gratitude.
For all, they shall gladly embrace the death,
Yet leave this world behind an immortal breath.

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