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10 Reasons Why Most Men Can’t Handle The Female Empath

Reasons Men Cant Handle Female Empath

6. She is hard to fool.

The gift of empathy allows her to look at a person and see their absolute truth. Facades and lies don’t fool her. She will see all that is beautiful and all that is ugly within a man and judge him accordingly. It’s almost impossible to fool a female empath, as she sees past all the tricks and looks straight at someone’s soul.

If a man tries to hide something from her, she will instantly figure out that something is fishy and this can make some men feel very unnerved and uncomfortable. A female empath never blindly trusts anything anyone tells her.

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7. She has too many questions.

Most people don’t like to think about the hard things of life and find it easier to run away from them. Thinking about the hard questions can sometimes end a relationship even before it begins because not everybody has the ability to deal with something major and deep like that. But not a female empath.

One of the biggest reasons why most men cannot handle a female empath is because she is never scared of asking hard questions. She looks to share her dreams and hopes with someone who is not a creature of routine and habit. She sees life as something to experience, not as something to simply do.

8. She desires consistency.

When an empath thinks about getting into a relationship, consistency is one of the things she looks for. She will only be with a man who she can trust and rely on, and not someone who will always keep her wondering. She knows what she will bring to the relationship, and she wants the same from him.

If a man doesn’t give her the respect and importance she deserves, she will not hesitate to end things and move on. For a female empath, her dignity and self-respect always come first.

9. She will never sugarcoat anything.

A female empath can see right through people and since lies don’t really work on her, she doesn’t serve up lies to those around them. She knows that communication is key in all relationships and she isn’t scared of getting a dose of reality.

She will be a hundred percent truthful at all times about what she thinks and she won’t try to cover it up with sweet and flowery words. Moreover, she will expect the same kind of honesty from those who are close to her. A female empath is never scared of the truth, and she would rather get hurt by the truth than being comforted with a lie.

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10. She won’t be deceived with mere words.

She will never be fooled with words because she will always look for the actions to back it up. A man can whisper all the right things in her ears, but if he cannot prove his word through his actions, then she will instantly look the other way. For her, actions speak louder than words. If a man truly wants to impress a female empath, then he has to walk the walk AND talk the talk.

Women like her never hesitate in doing what needs to be done, so it’s only natural that she will expect the same from her man, isn’t it?

It might be difficult for most men to handle a female empath, but that doesn’t take away her strength and authenticity. She deserves a man who is deserving of her love. She needs someone who can understand her delicate mix of strength and sensitivity and only a few men are truly up to the task.

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Handle The Female Empath
men cant handle female empath pin
10 Reasons Why Most Men Can't Handle The Female Empath
why men cant handle female empath pin
10 Reasons Why Most Men Can't Handle The Female Empath
Reasons Men Cant Handle Female Empath pin
10 Reasons Why Most Men Can't Handle The Female Empath
Men Cant Handle Female Empath
10 Reasons Why Most Men Can't Handle The Female Empath
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